The Superior Choice in Dust Extraction, Compressed Air Systems, and Manufacturing Consumables

About Us

Superior Industrial supplies was established in 2014 to provide specialised products and services to joineries, manufacturers and industrial workshops.

Our Managing Director, Troy Harwood has over three decades of experience in manufacturing equipment, installation, supply and maintenance. He also has several formal industry specific qualifications and certifications, and experience as a teaching faculty member in Manufacturing Trades, and Design and Technology for TAFE NSW.

Troys unique combination of industry experience and connections helped him to identify some important gaps in services and product provision that were regular sources of frustration for high volume manufacturers. This was the inspiration for creating the Superior brand, and it's varied range of products and services. All with a focus in value, quality, easy ordering, fast fulfilment, and specialised expertise.

As a result, we have developed a range of high quality, energy efficient products and solutions for manufacturing based business. We are also able to to provide specialist manufacturing knowledge and skills that allow us to provide a high level of helpful advice and service, resulting in consistently higher levels of satisfaction and value for our clients.

We cater to all sizes of businesses from small to large, with various types of manufacturing businesses, mechanical workshops, smash repairers, production facilities and industrial facilities.

If you're looking for Superior value, quality and service, we're here to help.